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[email protected] 02-11-2017 03:46 AM

2000 kia sportage ex
I am willing to give away my car for 400.00 good engine, transm, mostlly good parts and the body is good, no rust. and the reason i am doing this is because i am going to get my brothers old truck. now i was just driving this car back and forth from Baltimore, and i parked it because it kept running hot, Now when we took the radiator out it was as if we were running on fumes, so i had a new one put in, and i put in a new alternator. so then i kept getting bad readings so i was going to put an oxygen sensor in and lo and behold the o2 sens was melded into my exaust manifold so now my brother i giving me a truck.
the truck has 100115 mi on it and it will drive pretty damn well. i just need to get rid of it for insurance an a new windsheild for my new one which is a merc mountaineer if interested Call me @240-501-1917

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