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Hey Hey Hey!!

How goes it fellow members?

Obviously I have just registered. My name is Jason, I am 23, and I drive a 2001 Focus ZX3, hehe. My wife on the otherhand, drives a 2004.5 Spectra EX. We picked that up in August. Its almost completley loaded. It has everything except for the moonroof, and ABS. I hate ABS. All in all, its a neat little car. Reminds me a lot of my Focus.

I am a HUGE rally enthusiast. I love rally racing, its super super fun. I am registerd to the Official Ford Focus Enthusiast Site, I bought my Focus brand new at the end of 2000. The Spectra we bought is a lot like my car, except newer :p .

Someday, I would love to do some suspension work to our Spectra. I'm honestly not too sure if there is even anything aftermarket for this car yet.....My guess is it is too new. When I bought my Focus, I couldn't get anything that was aftermarket at all. I had to wait quite a while. Hopefully (If there isn't any performance suspension out) the suspension form the Spectra 5 will be tighter and stiffer, maybe I'll have to do a switchover :), we'll see.

Well, anywho....I'm gonna git....I have a lot of reading to do! Smell everyone later! :)
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