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Hi Guys,

After my slight accident and money problems, I am letting go my full turbo kit for picanto '04 series.

I am not sure if it fits newer models, please find out before contacting me.

Below is the price i paid for the parts, not including tuning and installation at that time 4 years ago. Note Turbo is replaced just 2 years ago.

Kit includes:
- Turbo (sorry i not sure what size but its small one) $500
- Custom 4-2-1 Extractor $500
- Blow Off Valve $100+ (removed the fin for no PSSST sound)
- Full exhuast price unknown >$300
- Intercooler kit $500
- Boost meter $50+
- Turbo timer +20+
- Unichip $200+
- Additional Fuel Pumps (should be Walboro) price unknown
- All minor parts required for it to work.

I have spent more than $3000 for installation and tuning previously. I am selling the kit away for just $900. All parts are removed and now in workshop. If interested, you may fix them there or grab the parts to another workshop.

Note you must re-tune after installation.

Previous Dyno hit 130hp (up from stock 70+) when best. Personally, I totally enjoyed the power and really fun to see picanto win other 1.6 cars, as it is super lightweight.

Suitable for those just checked their cars at LTA and have 2 years to play.

Please contact/SMS me at 92394366. Urgent sales.

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