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I bought an 05 Spectra Ex with low miles for a fantastic deal, in great shape. Then I managed to hit a deer after three months of owning it. Imperial blue/ grey cloth interior. I didn't do a ton of damage but definitely need to replace a couple parts.

Bumper isn't necessary but for the right price I'd probably replace it. I'd prefer not to have to get it painted locally. $$$ (small crack under front lip, left side.

Front driver side fender liner. Completely shattered. (I've seen these $16 new, not worried about finding this)

Front left fog light and mounts. I'd buy a set but can't find these cheap anywhere. Halo fog lights to replace would be ideal.

If you have any of these for sale or know where I could get them reasonably priced, let me know. I am trying to avoid buying a bunch of parts that don't fit and wasting money.

I'm also looking to get a stubby antennae and replace the section you pull the door shut with, inside the door, behind the auto locks, ect. The leather is ripping slightly.

Thank you in advance!
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