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After finding this site tonight and reading about some of the horror stories involving your vehicles I am hoping you either had a lemon of a van or your dealer's service department stinks!! It's one or the other, usually.

A good service team with a good manager usually will fix issues. If things are not getting fixed or you are getting the "run around" you need to report the dealer and go to another one, period!

Don't be afraid to talk directly to the service MANAGER and ask what the heck it going on?? If you don't, you can get the "run around" from inexperienced service staff just trying to make a buck, not really caring about their jobs. It happens! The automotive world is cruel and you must always be "pro-active" when it comes to dealing with service departments. Don't take any bull from them. I've learned the hard way and I am not about to settle for poor service with our new van. No way!

In fact, I want to meet the service manager of my dealer and ask specifics about my warranty BEFORE things start to happen. I trust Kia and I think they are good vehicles compared to some junk out there but again, you must maintain ANY car properly and most of all, you must stay one step ahead of your service department at ALL times.

Good Luck!

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