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Kia Soul+ 2015, 2.0 L NU GDI
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Guys. Update.
They called me.
And said.
Their compression test “had a leak”.
And that the warranty ppl came out with their own and did their own test in front of the manager and tech and that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CYLINDERS.
Now the code that they somehow managed to throw. They erased it and it came back twice. So it’s a real code. They will be replacing the sensor and I refused to pay for it so they’re going to cover that.
Next thing. They said they had put in some different spark plugs they had laying around the shop and that now it was running smoother. But I replaced my spark plugs in October.
So. I’m going back to the mechanic that I did those at to have him take a look and determine if they really are bad and then I will never return to this stealership ever agaaaaaiiinnnnn!

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Because you have a GDI (gas direct injection) engine the fuel rail pressure usually is pretty high (but usually less than some with 2000 PSI) to overcome the compressed gasses in the piston(s) when the gas is being injected...your car has 3940kpa (that comes out to 571 PSI (US measured values)) measured at the fuel rail so it seams it's well within specs...
These cars are not speed demons and an automatic transmission doesn't help as far as acceleration is concerned...
My 2008 Spectra SX 2.0L manual compared to one with an automatic transmission and same engine is night and day as far as performance is concerned... A 2.0L engine comes out to be 122 cubic inches and 164hp...

From a review of a 2015 Soul...
Test drivers write that the Soul's base engine could use more power when climbing hills, and some say that the larger, optional engine doesn't feel particularly peppy either. Reviewers add that the automatic transmission operates quietly.
"Acceleration is merely adequate when overtaking traffic or merging on the freeway, even with the more powerful 2.0-liter engine." Kelley Blue Book
Sounds like you have a normal KIA Soul :)
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