You know the scene… You’re driving along, taking in the sights, when suddenly – WHAP. A pebble, or stone, or other piece of road debris flies into your windshield, putting a chip or crack in the glass. Go to and schedule an appointment. It could start spreading immediately, or maybe you say to yourself “I’ve got time – I’ll take it to Safelite® next week”. And before you know it, the damage has spread. Now it’s obstructing your view and distracting you while you drive.

A damaged windshield is something that demands prompt attention. And who better than the professionals at Safelite®? Before you know it you're back on the road like it never happened.

safelite windshield repair

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Why Having Your Windshield Serviced Sooner Is Better

Your safety always comes first, which means you should aim to address any windshield cracks or chips as promptly as possible. A damaged windshield obscures your view of the road, making it harder to see and react to hazards while you drive.

Windshields are an essential safety feature on all vehicles. Some are even designed to provide support to the roof of the vehicle. A damaged windshield could make your vehicle less structurally safe in a roll-over accident. Any chip or crack is likely to worsen, potentially spreading across the entire windshield. Temperature fluctuations, ice, precipitation, and even the natural flexing in your vehicle’s chassis while you drive all work together to make those cracks grow, obscuring your view of the road and seriously affecting the integrity of your windshield.

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safelite windshield repair

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You’ll be amazed at just how easy the experience is with Safelite®. Go to and in a few easy steps you’re done. Enter details about the damage, decide whether you want pay out of pocket or use your insurance. Safelite® will even file the insurance claim for you. All that’s left to do is to pick a time that works for you. Working from home? No problem. A Safelite® MobileGlassShop™ can repair your vehicle’s windshield in your driveway while you watch from your home. Or you can stop by a Safelite® location. Feel free to grab a coffee and wait or take advantage of their Drop & Go service that lets you leave your car and go about your day. You’ll be notified once your car is ready to be picked up.

There’s More Than Just Glass Involved

Your vehicle may have an advanced safety system which can involve many computer systems that are connected to your windshield . Each manufacturer has a specific recalibration method for each of these systems and Safelite® technicians have the training, experience, and expertise to ensure your vehicle’s safety features continue to function after a windshield replacement. It’s like computer programming for your car’s windshield. With Safelite® you can rest assured it is done to the highest industry standard.

Putting off windshield repair or replacement can even affect the operation of vehicle features like rain-sensing windshield wipers and auto-emergency breaking. Such features typically rely on sensors or forward-facing cameras mounted directly to the windshield glass, so anything that affects their ability to maintain an accurate, clear view can cause a malfunction.

safelite windshield repair

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The Cost Of Windshield Replacement

Once you've chosen a trusted service provider, the question of cost remains. The price of a windshield replacement depends on your vehicle's make and model, any special features, and the glass needed. Safelite® has an online quote tool that can give you the answers you need in just minutes. You'll answer a few simple questions, including your Zip Code, vehicle year/make/model, and the type of damage. Once you have your free, no-obligation quote, you can choose to pay out-of-pocket or work with your auto insurance. Then you can an appointment date and time that works for you.

safelite windshield repair

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Warranty And Coverage

Depending on your insurance plan or even the state you reside in, the cost of some or all of your service might be covered. Safelite® works with most insurance companies, and can even handle your claim for you.

The best part about working with Safelite® is that your new auto glass comes with a nationwide warranty against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. As long as you bring the defect to Safelite's attention within 30 days of discovering it you can just pop in to have it fixed free of charge.

your new auto glass comes with a warranty against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle, so long as you bring the defect to Safelite's attention within 30 days of discovering it.

So next time you flinch when you hear a stone hit your windshield, no need to worry. Just remember, getting a damaged windshield fixed doesn’t have to be a hassle. Visit today to get your free quote.

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