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We have a 40' diesel motorhome and wanted to find a solution to getting around when we get places. We have an Audi A8 and Audi S4 which are simply not towable 4 wheels down behind a motorhome.

The big favorite on the motorhome forum is the Honda CRV. It is light and reliable. So I started looking for them and found that they are not cheap. I saw a 97000 mile beat up one on eBay go for $7000.

Then someone on the forum suggested the Sportage, which I had never even heard of before. Light. Very offroad capable. Towable. And, inexpensive.

So I picked up a 2000 with 48,000 miles and one year left on the warranty. It is white and has the fit and finish of a burlap bag.

But I love it! I find my self leaving the S4 (which I modified for the track and is a rocketship) in the garage and taking the Kia! We went out in the blizzard a few weeks ago and were 4 wheeling through snow drifts that were as high as the hood of the car. It was so much fun. I have no worries about the paint or anything like that. It is 100% utility and fun. It is like having a toy car to play with. I drove the H2 a few days ago, and to be honest, I see myself hitting the trails in the Kia before the H2. The H2 just seems too big and I can't see the right side the way I can the Kia. And, when we go to Colorado, I would be hesitant to scratch the H2, etc. With the Kia, no matter what I do to it is no big deal. I have this old worn jacket that I like to wear. That is how I see the Kia. Even if I wrecked it, it wouldn't be any big loss for how much I paid for it.
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