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2001 2 WD sportage has 81K, last couple weeks its making whisleing noise when the car is moving 5MPH - 75 MPH .

sounds like its comming from real area,

I just drove Xross country in 2 days.

could it be comming from real axil ? if the repair is under Kia 100K/10 year power train warranty , is it covered even the I had a independent do the service ?

other than that car is running fine, I am in boston now and since yesterday, the car needed to crank over 2 times to start the engine.

do i need a new battery ?

is this normal in cold weather ?, car is from LA, CA.

this car been a work horse since day one.

service done at regular intervals

oil and filter change at 7K

air filter cange every 30K

fule filter at 70K

auto transmissions change every 40K

spark plugs every 40K

no wires or hoses and PCV valve has been replaced since new.

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About the whistling...
This may sound really dumb, but did you add anything onto your car recently? Example - I once added a strap-on roof rack to my car and got a whistling noise suddenly. Took me a little while to figure out the noise was from the rack.

As for the cranking, could be a couple different things, maybe a dead spot in the starter. I would say it is NOT the battery, because you WERE able to start it.
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