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Hi everyone!

I live in Israel and I'm deciding which version to buy, and decoding which model is which with google translate (I don't speak Hebrew) is difficult. I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping could be answered by more knowledgable people.

2018 1.6 (132 hp) Urban Out FWD
Here it's called Urban Out for some reason, so what does that correspond to in the US/UK?
This version is the base version here, so it has no sunroof. It also doesn't have adaptive cruise control but it does have blind spot detection and pedestrian braking. Any other notable options it might have?
Is the engine a turbo?
Is the transmission a dual clutch or a torque converter automatic?

2017 2.0 (155 hp) Urban Out FWD
Same trim as above, no sunroof, etc. What trim level does this correspond to in the US/UK?
Would the base version of the 2.0 have extra options than the 2018 1.6 FWD? Stll no adaptive cruise control.
Is this engine a turbo?
I read that this engine is paired with a torque converter auto.

Both cars I'm looking at have similar mileage, about 30k km, but the 2017 2.0 is NIS 5,000 ($1500) more, so about the same price.

How does the 2.0 drive as compared to the 1.6?

I heard the touch screen is upgraded in the 2018 model. How much better is it?


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Kia sportage 2017 EX - 2.0 petrol
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Well, since Israel central roads are undergoing continuous constructions its better to pick the trustworthy 2.0 over the 1.6, grab the smallest rims, biggest rubber as possible and don't forget to take the vehicle for proffessional inspection prior the purchase.
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