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Well, I just returned from Coleman Kia, in Ewing, NJ, as I was prepared to buy my 2nd Kia in the past year. This dealer could not be any nicer or do enough for me when I bought my Sedona, and I have recommended this dealer highly.

Evidentally, the GM changed. Today I went in with my 68 yo mother to buy an Optima. The salesman tried to sell it for MSRP, which of course is a joke. He then got the "invoice" (you know, the paper that the dealer says is the invoice -- but really isn't??) Thank GOD for all of the car sites out there that post the real invoice price.

Anyway, they wanted to rake my mother over the coals, and tried to convince my mother that the "invoice" price they were offering her was a good price. They actually said that the invoice was almost $19K, when it is common knowledge that it is $16, 630. They also tried to include the rebate into their offer. When I pulled out my research and came back with a counter offer, (mentioning their 3% holdback) this enraged them so that not only was the salesman screaming at us, but the GM stood up and started screaming across the dealership at us.

The GM had the nuggets to try to say that any rebates offered were not for the customer, but were instead a part of the price of the car! What drugs is this man doing?? He actually wanted to make a deal, with the price of the car at almost $19K and that was AFTER the rebate.

I don't know what happened to this dealer, but I will never go there again, and will make darn sure to let everyone I can know the this is NOT the place where you want to buy a car.
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