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I'm a happy (aussie) owner of a 2005 Cerato, bought it new, still got it, never had a moments trouble with it.

Someone I know bought a 2004 Cerato (used from a reputable dealer) some time ago. Now they want to sell it, but when they took it to get a mechanic's slip for a roadworthy certificate (needed to sell it) the mechanic could not find the Compliance Plate with the VIN on it.

In my 2005 Cerato its held with two rivets, in the boot, next to the spare wheel, but in the 2004 Cerato there is no sign it was ever there - no plate or rivet holes.

The mechanic said they are sometimes on the inside of the door arch - but again no plate, or sign of any plate having been rivetted.

What to do now ? Are there any other hiding places this plate might be ? I've searched the web but most answers are for american cars and don't apply to Australia.

Has anyone else had this problem ? And what did they do to solve it ?

Any advice or help appreciated. The owner I'm trying to help is 82 years old veteran, would like to help him out of this pickle.

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