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2004 Kia Rio RX-V, 1969 Beetle, 1993 VW Golf (800,000km's and counting), 2011 Ford f-150 FX4
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Hello all. New Kia owner as in 24 hours new and I already need help.

When taking off the tire to look at the breaks and start figuring out what I needed to start fixing it I found a part covered in more rust and flaking metal then I have ever seen on a car before, let alone on one only 8 years old. Attached is the picture.

It appears to be a part of the transmission case located drivers side in front of the CV axle and above what i believe is the transmission pan.

The car is a 2004 Rio RX-v with the automatic transmission. It has 144,000 km's on the body (paper work to prove and body/seats show the same) and 122,000km's on the engine as well.... this one was a timing belt victim a year ago.

My key question is:
What is that part?

My second question:
Is it even worth attempting to fix? If so.... I'm not looking forward to removing those nuts.

Thanks for your help! I will wait in fear of your comments/awnsers :)



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