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I have a Kia Ceed 2010 1.6 CRDI (115hp), and it's sometimes tough to shift, specially when it's cold. 1st gear is difficult to engage, and 2nd gear often times will grind. Clutch was replaced 2 years ago, because it wouldn't completely disengage and was always slipping even when the pedal was depressed, and i basically had to force the gears when shifting. Stupid mistake by me, i actually drove around a couple months like this, before replacing the clutch. After finally replacing the clutch, the engagement and slipping issue was fixed. But the rough shfiting still remains.

I'm guessing the synchros are worn out at this point, but i was hoping for a slightly better change with fresh gearbox oil. It's really the only option i got left, except pulling the whole tranny.

Back to my question though, what gearbox oil do i need? From the information i gathered, it's supposed to be 75W90 API GL-4. Can anyone confirm this?
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