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I wanna know why Kia Spectra is not equipped with Alarm Systems and also Immobilizer? Is it safe enough to let Kia Spectra in central lock only?

Immobilizer (Theft Pro) if install by car dealer will cost about RM800.00. But, there are few mechanics promote at Car Park, then it cost you RM488.00 and could be pay in 3 instalment. (incl. Installation & warranty)

A friend of mine, an electronic specialist can build the same system (Security Level 1 but this one customizable to Level 2 and 3) for RM300.00(incl. intallation & warranty)

Again, I have a strong feeling that this security system face high possibility to be phreak.

Worst come to worst, the new car have to buy the PowerLock steering lock. At less it could make the car more secure.

My reminder....DON'T BECOME THE FIRST VICTIM...Precaution is better than cure..

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