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I took a look around and didn’t see a thread like this; please forgive me if it’s a repeat.

This is a thread that I see on nearly all the forums I am/have been on. Post up with what you’ve done to your ride today. Pictures always encouraged, but not required. Can be anything from little things (oil/bulb changes), to bigger things (gave it a new paint job).

Let’s see what you all are doing to your rides.

I’ll go first. The first 72 hours of ownership have passed and the “do things to my ride” bug has bitten. Started small by wrapping the front reflectors and front emblem in dark-smoke head/taillight tint. Helps with the Storm Trooper look I love so much.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

More changes (some small, some bigger) coming in the next week or two.

Post up!
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