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my sedona seems to have taken a dislike to wet weather (living in scotland this is going to be a real pain) the problem being it wont start after a run in the rain
the first time this happened was after a run to edinburgh when after being stopped for about ten minutes it would spin over but not fire up but after a few attempts it was ok
but today took eldest to visit his friend and after dropping him off the car wont start spins over ok but dosent fire up also the warning lights are staying on even when the key is out of the switch so will get back to it this afternoon and give the electrics a spray over to chase out any water (its tipping it down here) and put the jump leads on to top up the battery charge
but if this is unsuccesfull does anyone have any ideas as to the possible cause of this problem
ttfn glenn
put the jump leads on still spins over but no start so for now its coming home on a tow truck
update 2
now it is back sitting on the drive charged up the battery
now it spins over fine but still dosent start but when switced on the immo light stays on so looks like an immobiliser problem so its off to the stealership to get the electronics sorted
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