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2012 Kia Rio5 LX
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I just waxed mine this weekend with Mequirs gold (normal wax), I'm not a professional detailer but I have waxed a few of my older cars. I waited 1 month because I wanted to see where the dirt built up and other attributes of the aerodynamics (not related to waxing).

I did 1 coat of wax to start, My SUV I put 10 coats over 3 months on it and have had good results as far as the car still looking new after 2 years. The hardest part of the wax job was the front end and getting a good swirl on it by hand. on by Blue SUV mequires worked ok, my Rio is white so besides water beading i cannot tell its been waxed.

Clar bar'ing is only really needed after a year or so and maybe only every 3 years, best test for this is a microfiber towel. Take the towel on your clean car and just drag it over a flat surface on the car, if it has friction you need to claybar. You will be a believer in the claybar if you do half of the surface and drag the towel over it a second time. Well worth it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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