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If the Forte' was such a "bad" car there would be more than the few bad posts on these forums... Alignment has not been a big problem with this car for just about every other location it's sold in worldwide...
I'm sorry you have had problems but if the roads and weather are so bad in your location then you should have bought a 4x4 truck and not a "city" car...
You said "
1. Alignment issues all the time.
2. Handling on the road is awful!
3. Struts were replaced at 35,000 kms."

That is a BIG indicator of climate/location problems and not of "quality"
You can't haul boulders in a Corvette and a MACK truck won't handle like a sports car.
YOU bought the wrong car for your environment...It's not KIAs fault you signed the purchase agreement...
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