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I owned a Forte for almost 3 years.

the 2010 Forte SX 2.4L engine.

Let me tell you! the problems and lack of quality I experienced will make me tell anyone who's seriously looking at a Forte to avoid them!

1. Alignment issues all the time.
2. Handling on the road is awful!
3. Struts were replaced at 35,000 kms.

I bought the car in October 2009. In March of 2010 I learned that I had alignment issues. that was the first

I had 3 alignment problems in the 3 years I owned it. AND THEN on the day I decided to sell it when I brought it in for repairs, they told me it had ANOTHER alignment problem.

4 ALIGNMENT issues in almost 3 years!!

2 sets of tires ruined because of it.

handling on the road is awful!!

I would drive on the highway and I felt everything!! absolutely everything!!

people didn't like being passengers in the car because the ride was so rough and bumpy and hard that they couldn't handle it anymore.

here's another thing.. if you live in an area of the country where you can get a few feet of snow? ice and cold?

don't go for a Forte. it's not a Winter car. the tires on the SX are performance tires so they're low to the ground. you get stuck pretty easily. plus you get snow that melts and then turns to ice in the rims and it makes your alignment crappy and you have vibration all the time.

Forte's are not Canadian cars.. get an SUV.
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