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2014 Kia Sportage LX AWD
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So I have a 2014 Kia Sportage, LX AWD.

I won the darwin award for drilling through the main harness, with this being done I have hit almost all the main wires in the harness. See the pictures to see which harness I am talking about.

My friend, who was a Kia Tech at a Kia dealership told me that I hit the main engine harness, the result was going to cost near the top of $3000. This would total the vehicle out, seeing as the Sportage I have is only worth from the KBB amount of $5500-$6580, among the other things that are wrong with my Kia. I don't feel that the $3000 harness alone with no labor would be worth the labor included to fix my Sportage. Judging from my friend's experience, who told me that there would be nearly 20 hours + of labor would absolutely total it out.

This being the case, I had my friend try to repair the harness, without buying a new harness. Basically, he soldered, crimped, heat shrunk everything that would need it. My friend told me that even if he did everything correctly with splicing, there could be a problem regarding whatever the voltage sensetive stuff is. I didn't know this was a thing, the voltage senseative wires and stuff. I have a complete lack of knowlege regarding vehicles, but now I have at least gained the knowledge that this is actually how it works.

My friend repaired the harness, but now has this error. No communication with ecu. Is this fixable without buying a new harness?

Just throwing this out there, when this was being repaired I was not anywhere near the vehicle, on 5/02/21 I have just gotten the car towed back here around 11:00PM Eastern Time USA, I have not looked at it.

The pictures are what was removed to be able to fix the harness. Along with the interior for what was dissambled.

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