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Vinegar smell coming from AC Vents

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Hi All,

I have a KIA Sorento 2.4L Petrol 2014 FWD model (I purchased it in 2015 and its in Kuwait) .
The car has done 98000 KM and I changed the AC (Compressor and Evaporator both under warranty) at around 85000KM . Now when I switch on the blower a smell like vinegar is coming on and when the AC is turned on, the smell goes off. When I switch off the AC and if the blower is running the smell is back.

I took it to the service center and the cant find it out. Can anyone show some light into this issue? Is this a bacterial issue or something with the blower? Am sure that nothing has spilt on the dash from my side. No idea whether anything happened while the guys changed the AC.

Kind Regards

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+1 on that.. Silicon sealants made with 'acetic acid' produce a vinegar like odor while curing. It should go away soon. You could ask whoever did the evaporator replacement if they used any silicon sealant, or just wait and see if it goes away after it has cured.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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