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SayinG many "Hi"s to every member of this nice forum,
i was searching for a place that i could see many useful & interesting topics About my dream lovely car "PicanTo" to know wts it's main power points & it's weakness to repair & to take care,

Iam in second year of dentistry & iam living far away from my college- about 19 KM Apart - So a car is a must for me,
The hard thing is that my parents told me that they won't bring picanTo for me except when i Do perfect Grade "marK" in my end Exams, :(

But i told them that receiving a car especially popular Car as PicanTo requires months after reserving them, So afterwards they decided to reserve it as soon as my mid-Year exams results are realeased, - Ofcourse perfrect grade is required, <_<

So i pray to God to help me acheive these high marks in my exams :mellow: -pray 4 me too ;)

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very happy to have you around welcome to the site.
I am also praying for you to get top grades!!!! ;)

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