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'12 Rio EX Sedan MT
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UVO problem with my Rio. Just happened for the 2nd time and I am not impressed...
First time I was about to start 150minute drive back home after fuelling up.
my phone was plugged in, and the sat radio was on. I started driving and "CLICK" my phone shut off, centre console shut off, display shut off.
Tried restarting the car at a couple red lights to no avail. Thought I smelled something burning [plastic] for the last hour of the drive home. got home parked and checked the fuses : all in good order. Restarted car, no change.
Next morning, i get in the car and start it and all works fine.

Tonight I make quick run to the store; on way home i decided to open my windows[radio off, displaying clock, fan on 3] as soon as i did, the "CLICK" again and the clock/display shut off. Got home checked fuses, all fine. Restarted- nothing. I'm thinking the car needs to be off for some time before restart for it to reboot???

Other problems:

1. Does not download complete phonebook[only 27 out of 90-something numbers]
2. Only ever shows first song title played when streaming audio.
3. Always starts streaming the same song and will not let me change it.
4. Doesn't let me change albums/songs or artists manually of by voice.
5. Constantly needs to be "re-trained" for my voice as it only understands me 50-75% of the time.
6. Cannot have fan running above "1" when using voice commands or it will not hear me.
7. As above; keeps shutting down- no fuse problem, seems to need the car off for extended amount of time to reboot.
8. Speed sensitive volume works erratically. Sometimes works right, sometimes gets louder as car slows down?!? Mostly, does not work at all.
9. Phone often rings in my pocket not thru the UVO.
10. Cannot send text messages as advertised.
11. Just a complaint, not a problem: Jukebox only imports music from Mp3 CDs, not regular CDs or other sources.

I know I should have known better than to think a microsoft product would do as advertised...damn i feel gullible.
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