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So I just got an Iphone for work much to my dismay since I am a big droid guy. With that said, I never had issues when my droid razr was connected to bluetooth, allowing me to play pandora, spotify, whatever, while also talking to it for texts or navigation or whatever thru the mic.

Now, with my Iphone 4s connected, any time i try using the mic to talk text or to use Siri, it thinks im making a phone call! its so so so annoying. and to make it even worse, it cuts me off after like 3 seconds every time.

so for example, I'll try to say something to Siri, it will beep to let me talk, then my kia will act like i'm calling myself (shows my phone number on the screen), then promptly hang up the call and turn Siri off about 3 seconds later.

Anyone have this terribly annoying issue?
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