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2013 Sorento LX AWD 2.4L 191 hp I4
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Hope I am not breaking a rule as I posted this in the Sorento forum also but here goes.

I have had my 2013 Sorento LX for a couple weeks know and I am having problems with my bluetooth. I currently use a Tracfone LG420G s/w version LG420GHL_V10f. It hooked up with the bluetooth with no problems it seems. However, I am having trouble with the UVO. I can be driving down the road with the radio playing and sometimes the phone display will appear even though I have not touch any button or anything. This has happened 4-5 times. The last time I noticed it even went to my contact list.

Also, I believe it has even dialed someone on my contact list as I was driving home the other day and I got a call on the blue tooth from my sister-in-law. I thought it odd as she never calls me, especially on my cell. Well it turns out, a few minutes before she called me, she got a call from me (my cell) but didn't hear me. She was worried that I was trying to contact her about my wife. With the display of my contact list last night while driving, this leads me to believe the bluetooth called her.

Has anyone heard of this problem. Could it be compatibility? I took it into the dealer but as usual, they had no problem with their phones.

Thanks for your help.

Have a great day.
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