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The following are useful Youtube videos I've found over time. Most are for the 2011-2013 Kia Sorento (XM) and some are more general and not specific to our Sorentos. Most are for the 3.5L V6 and some are for the 2.4L 4 cylinder. In addition, the 3.5L V6 used in our Sorentos has also been used in some Hyundai Santa Fe models as well as some Kia Sedona models and so some videos may be for those vehicles but still apply to our Sorentos.

I was trying to find videos for the following but either haven't found one or a video that I believe is suitable:
  • Cleaning the throttle body
  • Flushing/replacing coolant
  • Cleaning the mass air flow sensor
  • Replacing the radiator
This is the best formatting I could come up with. Couldn't figure out how to make all the tables have the same column widths other than putting this all in one table, which I didn't want to do.

The Youtube links don't display the video or images directly and you need to click on them. I did it this way as I didn't want to slow down or take up your bandwidth. If there are other suggestions, or a better way to do this, let me know.

Reminder: these are for info and for those do-it-yourselfers that need more info, like me. Some are more advanced than others and you should only attempt these if you know you can do it. Anything that happens is solely up to you :)

Changes, updates and other videos that are useful are welcome. Enjoy!

Oil Change, Air Filter and Cabin Filter Service
2011 Kia Sorento Oil
How to change the oil in 2011 Kia
Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 Oil and Filter
How to Replace Cabin Air Filter Kia
How to change air filter - 2011 Kia
Air Conditioning
2013 Kia Sorento 3.5L V6 Factory vs UAC A/C Compressor (VS18E)
AC System 101 Diagnosis &
How to Diagnose and Replace an A/C Compressor Coil, Clutch and Bearing on Your
2013 Kia Sorento Brake and Rotor
How to Adjust Drum Parking Brake - Kia
How to replace front brakes Sorento BL-NOT
Rear Brakes and Rotors 2011 Kia
Releasing safety brake to Change Rear Disc pads/rotors (quick)!
ABS Speed Sensors and Wheel Hub Assemblies
2011 KIA Sorento V6 FWD Rear Wheel Speed
Rear wheel bearing hub ass. replace 2011 Kia Sorento. Install, remove or
Kia Sorento FWD ABS TRACTION Downhill Assist Lights FIX!
Oil pressure sensor
2011 Kia Sorento oil pressure sensor #1
2011 Kia Sorento oil pressure sensor #2
2011 Kia Sorrento V6 major oil
2012 Kia Sorento oil pressure sensor find/
2011 Hyundai SF oil pressure
Update! 3.5L V6 2011 Hyundai SF switch
Transmission & Transfer Case
Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF Drain & Fill Complete HD KIA Sorento
KIA Sorento 2011-2015 Auto Transm Fluid ATF Second #2 Drain And Fill After 5000
Kia & Hyundai Transfer-Case Fluid
Intake Runner
2010 Hyundai Sante Fe P200A (intake removed)
Hyundai IMRC P200A (scope)
Spark Plugs
2011 Kia Sorento Spark Plugs
Spark plug replacement 2013 Kia
Center Console and Radio Related
2012 KIA Sorento Center Console
How to Kia Sorento Troubleshooter and Stereo Removal 2011 - 2013 repalce
Removal radio Kia Sorento 2010-2011 -Winca
Door Handle
2011 kia sorento door issues SOLVED!!! (remv panel & window)
2011 Kia Sorento inoperable outside door
2013 Kia Sorento door handle replacement. Rear
Kia Sorento door handle fix.
Second Row Seat
KIA Sorento Second Row Seat
Kia Sorento Second Row Seat Problem - Rear Seat Folding and Latch
Crank Position Sensor
2012 Kia Sorento crank Position sensor - for 3.5L
PCV Valve
3.5 L Sorrento PCV valve
2013 Kia Sorento PCV valve location (not too useful, but one good piece of info)
Alternator & Belt Tensioner Pulley
2012 Kia Sorrento alternator
Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa fe alternator replacement - 2011 How
2013 Kia Sorento Pulley
2013 Kia Sorento V6 - How to locate and change the thermostat Video 1/
2013 Kia Sorento V6 - How to change the thermostat Video 2/
Brake and Gear Shifter Clicking
Kia Sorento Brake and Gear Shifter Clicking Noise When Brake is
Kia Sorento shift lock noise -
2011 Kia Sorento - no start-push button starting
2011 Kia Sorento Side Step
2012 Kia Sorento Headlight
Homelink Rearview Mirror
Sorento 2011-13 door speakers repl, doors panel

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VIM, that was very thoughtful of you to collect these self help videos for the group. Thank You!
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