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Hi guys, I need to find the part no. for a sensor that is on top of Sedona 2.9crdi
gearbox. Did a clutch change/gearbox work recently, now car wont start off key. will bump and run, but sounds like timing is out when under load.

Thanx in advance, jonfnro.

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It sounds like you are saying the car will start "if" you push it and "pop" the clutch.
The basic wiring to the starter is as such...

start at battery (+) terminal

through "main" fuse (protects everything so it's OK)

through the ignition switch (and possibly through a "main" relay if present)

through a "starter" fuse (possible but not probable)

through a plunger type switch under the dash that is attached to the clutch pedal linkage (your BEST bet for trouble). It may not be aligned properly or it may be just bad... If you jumper the two wires going to it and the car starts you will know where the problem is... BE CAREFUL and have the car in neutral as the car WILL start without the clutch being depressed. I don't want your car running over you or going through a wall..

and finally to the small wire going to the starter (the enable line). The large wire has 12v on it constantly and has a lot of current available to crank the engine... You can check the starter by running a small wire from the battery (+) to the small wire terminal...if the starter cranks the engine then it's OK..AGAIN BE CAREFUL and have the car in neutral and the emergency brake on.
You have "played" with the clutch pedal linkage removing the clutch/transmission so I'd put my money on the plunger switch on the clutch pedal linkage...
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