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First off i am new to the forum so hello to everyone and thanks in anticipation for a reply.

So I have just installed 5w Hid kit into our new 2012 Optima. My issue is the HIDs work perfectly when the car isn't running but as soon as I start the car and put the headlights on they flicker once and then nothing????? I have installed HID's into 7 different vehicles now and never experienced andything like this before. :confused:

The car has Auto headlights but even when manually turning on the lights the same thing happens.

Yet turn the car off and the headlights on and hey presto they work fine. Any ideas as my wife is ready to kill me for playing with her new car and now as far as she is concerned I have broken the headlights lol.

Has any one else had this issue and if so how do I fix it????

I did a search for simular threads but cannot seem to locate anything.

thanks again
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