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Unusual Request - where all these coolant hoses go?

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I was given a 2000 Kia Sportage. The pervious owner decided not to finish a head gasket replacement. My problem is the engine compartment was torn down before i got my hands on it. I have everything back together except i cant figure out where all these coolant hoses go. Anyone have any diagrams on where things go.

Thanks in advance
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Here are some pics

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The pic next to last doesn't belong there
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It's been a long time since I wrenched on a 1G Sportage, and no longer have a vehicle to reference from, but hopefully the thread below is helpful.

That helped a lot makes sense now I will start routing hoses tomorrow. thanks GottaCruise
Cool beans! Glad the info helped, Best wishes for a speedy repair.
Looks like I need new hoses. Anyone have a favorite place to buy them. carries some of the hoses, my go-to vendor of choice these days. is another vendor - I haven't ordered from them in years though. Last time I ordered parts though was good / no issues. ( Recent online reviews ... may indicate otherwise, for some folks though.)

eBay is also "an option" if you know the part #, then there is always Dealer / OEM.

"Super Moderator" @cobra259 was in the Dealership parts biz IIRC, and helped many here over the years - it might be worth sending a PM to him, to see if that's still the case.
Tomorrow I'm going to post some looks like I have some fitting on the upper intake that I can't find a home for but it's to dark to take them now. I wish Kia was more supportive.
I have 2 coolant ports on the upper intake manifold. 1 goes to the oil cooler but I can't find where the other one goes. I'm out of places to hook it up. Is this a port that needs to be T'd in somewhere. Thanks in advance
On the upper Intake manifold?

Those should be vacuum ports, not coolant ports. Pics would help.

On the far back side of the Intake Manifold, against the firewall - that is the 4x4 vacuum solenoid port, hose runs to a metal line that runs on the back firewall -> over to the 4x4 solenoid, by the brake master cylinder.

Another port provides vacuum to the brake booster, again runs to a metal line that runs on the back firewall.

Otherwise, if you can post a pic showing the Intake / port in question, will try to help.
Thank you so much. I will post pics tonight. Had bad storms here last night so I didn't get the chance to.
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