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By pure luck while I was in Los Angeles Enterprise car rental provided me with a BRAND NEW (naka plastic pa) KIA AMANTI! All for the price of a compact!

3.5L V6 with manu matic transmission, all leather interior, wood panelling, Infinity sound system, side mirrors that tilt down while on reverse, 4 disc brakes.

It was a joy to drive, albeit a tad thirsty for gasoline. All in all the acceleration was good, NVH levels were very very low (kids and the wifey slept a lot while I was cruising), and the only thing I noticed was that the brakes didn't feel too good. Yes it stopped well but I am very particular about a car's braking ability. At $25K with a 100,000 mile warranty it will give Accords and Camrys a run for their money!!!

BTW, en route to LA from SF, Hertz gave me another Kia, a Sedona. That minivan can accelerate! 90mph on the average with nary a whimper! Kia is gaining ground, so you guys are on the right track :)
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