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2003 Kia Spectra (Lulu) and 2007 Hyundai Elantra (Kurt)
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This was previously posted. I know that- however that never got a response and the other one the search pulls up is for a different car model AND turned out to be user error. that being said *cough*

My turn signals don't work very well, they are sporatic at best. Some google searches say replace the entire bloody thing removing the steering wheel, the airbag and all the rest...this doesn't seem right to me. I don't have a user's manual nor can i afford one. See i just had a baby and losing the turn signals has made life super difficult. I can't afford a new car at all.

SO what kind of kia do i have you ask? Good question! A 2003 kia spectra in a beautiful blue. This car has had a lot of wear and tear and has driven back and fourth from San Antonio to San Diego 5 times (yup my Lulu is a trooper) I just need to know exactly where to look to fix all this and I can replace things if necssary but...please give me those step by step instructions as if i'm the largest idiot you've ever met (i really am i promise)
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