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Got you to look didn't I
Hello Kia World,
My mane is Tyson I'm living in tampa and just bought a 96 Sportage RWD manual from impound.
I came from a background of turbo cars-trucks * Grand Nationals, Syclones, Typhoons, Supras, Hondas and subaru. Ect Ect Ect.....
In my back ground I've worked with Julio Don @ Whom has pioneered and successfully built the worlds best Methenol injection *other may call it water injection*. But in my work with Julio I learned a great deal about controlling a turbo engine,
1 YOU MUST MONITOR THE ENGINE !!! IE data log the ECU. AND monitor KNOCK * also known as Detonation, ping, spark knock.
2 you need Fuel and a substantial amount of it for the application.
3 you need enough air to make a small displacement motor make power =Turbo
4 Spark... You're probably thinking good plugs,hotter coil. But if you adjust the timing itself you can gain horse power. Better yet if you can program the ECU to a timing curve such as we do on the SyTy's you can get a substantial amount of power out of an engine without harming it.
I'm posting to search the possibilities of turboing a sportage, 1st with the motor thats in 2.0ltr. Q's are

1 is there any tuning software for the KIA ECU in a 96 sportage?

2 have anyone put a F.A.S.T. system on a 2.0 ltr?

3 is the exhaust manifold from the Diesel model the same bold pattern as the gas?

4 how sensitive to heat and other changes is the MAF?

5Any good aftermarket maket people for the sprotage?

6 Am I crazy

7 Engine swap possibilities from 2.0 to GMC Syclone 4.3 turbo v6 W/ trans

7.1 Or a Buick 231 turbo 3.8

8 Ok I'm crazy
Check out my other *turbo* projects on photobucket

Thank You

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The sportage used the mazda FE3 engine for that year.. The FE2 came in a turbo ie. Mazda 626.. So if you were to crossrefferance some parts you maybe find that the FE2 maybe uses the same manifold as the FE3.. The FE2 was SOCH and the FE3 is DOHC but it's worth a shot..

I havn't heard of anyone using FAST in any Kias yet there are a few using Megasquirt. And actually MS deletes the MAF sensor and runs an internal MAP so that would also solve yolu heat question..


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The first generation Sportage used a version of the Mazda FE DOHC (FE 3) that was made under license and is not completely identical to the Mazda version of the engine. A similar version of this Mazda FE DOHC was used in the Mazda 626 in years '84-'88, and a slightly smaller version of this Mazda FE DOHC is used in the MX-5 (Miata). There is a good blog (you can find by Googling) that documents efforts to swap an MX-5 engine with a Sportage FE DOHC: The author eventually uses a Marda verison of the FE3 engine to overcome problems caused largely by differences in the Mazda and KIA versions of the engines.

A Ford V6 is sometimes swapped for the KIA engine here in Thailand. This is done fairly commonly according to the mechanics at the local KIA dealer. The diesel verison of the Ford V6 is, apparently, the engine of choice. The engine in my Sportage is working well, so I have researched this only a little. The mechanic at the local KIA dealer who first told me about this swap had me come and see a Sportage in which the swap has been done. The swap was done about a year ago. And the owner is most pleased with the result - with no problems to report. And the cost was modest, so I will proceed in this direction if my car develops engine problems. I believe you would likely have a Turbo option with the Ford V6 engine.

I posted an enquiry about swapping Sportage engines in the 1G Sportage forum, but no one with any experience responded.


Bob Tucker
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