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Originally posted by skeeler@Dec 21 2004, 09:37 AM
I have a 2004 sorento with 30,000km (canadian model) - automatic transmission. My stepson is stranded 300 miles away with a transmission that will not shift out of 1st gear. Luckily(?) there is a KIA dealer there. My questions:

1. Has this happened to anyone else?
2. Do Sorentos have some chronic transmission problems?
3. Is this failure a symtom of the problem that is starting to produce factory recalls?
4. Is it a simple fix or a big deal?
Hello there skeeler Nice to meet you. I come all the way from Malaysia and own a Sorento too. Now I have experienced such a case with my Sorento

The problem seems similar. I have a 2004 Sorento by the way with triptonic. Not sure about yours.

I was driving home one day in the early morning from my girlfriends home. Prior to that I had travelled about 500 Miles in the day earlier. As I was at the traffic lights I realized some white smoke coming out from the tires. The car was in neutral and decided to park besides the road, consequently shifting the gear into D and realized I had to rev my car really high before it moved inches. I tried using the triptonic but it couldnt work

Well the problem I found out was that the "O" ring surrounding the Automatic Transmission Hose has expanded due to heat cause oil passing through the hose causing it to expand and hence cutting off all oil pressure untill it broke loose. This has probably due to high acceleration from long distances causing the "O" ring to expand and hence not making its purpose to be tight.

More information on the hose-Its located on the front of the engine. I drive a right handed car and it was on the right. Just look down when you open the hood or place some newspapers below the front portion of the engine to see where the oil drips from. Look up from where it drips, you should find a hose out of its socket.

Your stepson might have realized that if he had towed the car an oil leakage near the gearbox would have leaked red oil.

The problem is that the "O" ring isnt suitable for the Sorento and I got my car rectified after 3 days. A 5cent problem causes one sometime to be stranded. I was lucky to be near my home when this happened and drove home on a hill downwards as not to use any acceleration. Hope this helped. Do hit me back to know if this was your problem, maybe I could get some engine wisdom from you :D
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