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Hi, my name is Fraser, I live in Ontario, Canada. I purchased my KIA Sephia last
June as a used vehicle with 73,000km. I was given the balance of the power train warranty at that time. For the most part this vehicle has performed as I expected. In December last, I noticed that the transmission was not shifting properly resulting in a big increase in fuel usage. When I first purchased the car I experienced about between 550-650 km per tank of fuel, this was reduced to between 375-450km in December. I reported this to my dealer and they did the tests and admitted that the transmission was failing, but did not want to accept responsibility. KIA Canada said it was "Buyer Beware". that the car was not properally maintained prior to my purchase, thus the problem was all mine.

The dealer didn't really agree with them, and pushed to have something done, and the transmission was replaced in February with a new one. But this seems to be a problem, with less than 1000km on this new one, the transmission seems to slip in reverse when it is cold. The car is in being checked today, but we will see what they have to say.

I did notice that when I was driving the car last week, I only got about 425 km on the tank of fuel??????? Makes you wonder?????

Anyone on here have any ideas of what I can do or expect.

Regards, Fraser Laing

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On the new tranny when you are noticing the shift problem now is the car fully warmed up?
If it is cold it is gonna shift hard.
Im glad they replaced it under warrity. they should as they did give you the warrinty when you bought it.
Hope it all works out good.
Also kia as far i I can remember gives refurbished trannys now on the older kias. so im suspecting this is rebuilt. ask them if it is ask for a brand new one. not rebuilt.

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