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I am looking at buying an 06 XS Manual 5-speed from a friend who had it since new.

On test driving it I noticed that it "clunks" slightly from the rear transmission area when maneuvering into a parking space with the steering on part-lock. It sounds like a Limited-slip diff slipping, but I understand from the original brochure it is a ToD system on this model. It is fine in a straight line.

As I previously had a centre diff go on a Subaru Impreza Turbo (expensive at £1500, but done under Extended Warranty) with similar symptoms I wondered if this is the same problem or is it nothing to worry about?

Has anyone had experience of this issue? The Owner advised that it has done this for a long time/always.

Grateful for any input on this one as I can't see anything similar in the other threads.
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