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2019 Sorento LX 3.3L V6 AWD
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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to drain and fill the transmission oil on my sister's 2019 Sorento tomorrow.

Yesterday when I was looking at the transmission I stuck my phone down to take a video of the area to see what's the hose connected to the "fill plug" that everyone is using to fill new oil. into it After looking and researching this appears to be a transmission breather tube, and the end of the tube on her car has seepage all around it.

I am wondering if it is normal to have some seepage, and also how is this a breather tube when it looks to be capped off with a plastic cap at the end of the hose?

Her car has 92k miles and we do not know if the service history ever included a transmission drain before. The car was previously a Hertz rental, so I am going to drain/fill it once tomorrow and once more next month. Any insight is appreciated!

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