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Can anyone help?
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento 2.5 Diesel manual. Initially I noticed a grinding noise very occasionally for a few seconds when changing down but only when going down hill and not under power. I found that the transfer box output shaft oil seal was leaking and the fluid level was ¾ litre down. Topping this up made no difference. Over the next 4000 miles this got much more frequent and recently started to happen even when the car was in gear already but only when going down hill or when taking my foot off the throttle. I could also feel a clunking, like a lag in the transmission, when the power was taken off.

Initially depressing the clutch when this happened stopped the noise but now this has no effect but applying power/load stops it. Gear selection is fine and there is no problem at all when the transmission is under load.

Is this a major transfer box failure or could it be something else?
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