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2005 Sorento ex v6 automatic
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well it is not going to end!
the tow truck driver just towed it away with THE REAR WHEELS ON THE ROAD !! auto trans !! according to the manuel you can not do this !

i called kia customer service and they tried to contact the tow truck driver to stop him, but to no avail.

i ask customer service and the service manager at the dealer who would be resposible for the drive train is under warrenty...for ever now!!! no.
i told him i wanted the trans checked over and the test pressures recorded. and i wanted a copy and i am going to push for an extension of the warrenty on the trans and transfer case. because of the tow truck driver

sunday the horns cherped all day, a talked to a manager at kia customer DIS-Service center and i demanded they replace the convience group module they would not.
it seems somebody at kia has sent out a policy unless a part is absolutly proved bad it will not be replaced even if it pisses customers off! and costs sales.

the area rep is susposed to call me today. i will not hold my breath. i am also waiting from a manager at kia customer service also.

as for my sorento the service manager told me (i had to call him , he did not call me)
he stated that yes there was a loud noise in the engine and they would have to take the engine apart.

i complained about an engine noise befor, but as usual they did not hear anything

he said he would be getting me a similar loaner for my vacation starting wednesday. will see if the loaner happens.

at this point not only due to problems with my sorento and LESS THAN COMPITANT service at the dealer and tought luck attitude from kia customer service concerning so called customer complaints that dealers will not put any time in looking for, even though they do exsist


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07' Sedona, 10' Forte Sed. SX
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Dear Towed Away,

I've been holding my breath ( I own a Sedona and just but a Sorento ) because I've been noticing the same bull**** from KIA. My rear wiper corroded at its base on the Sedona, the service manager said it was only under warranty for the first 12 months!!! (Where do they get this stuff!?!??) and that the KIA rep would have to be contacted to get another one...????? A freaking $20.00 part. What the heck happens when the motors blow..... do we need an OK from the VP of operations or something....this is nuts.
I've been through it service I ever had. would replace just about anything and would help the customer NOT to be inconvenienced. Chrysler.... gave me stuff when the vehicles were actually OUT of warranty. GM ... same thing.
KIA is too wet behind the ears to start with Honda and Toyota service attitudes. This is still a KOREAN CAR.....get it K-O-R-E-A-N ....means NOT proven yet!!!! Hope KIA gets it!!!!!!!

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2005 Sorento ex v6 automatic
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update to towed away.

after the dealer checked out the tapping in the engine, i was in formed that it was lifter noise and that he would contact the kia rep as to repair or replace the engine.

i called the dealer today and was informed that they were replacing the engine assy. the reason being a piece of the throdle body came apart and the engine sucked it in one of the cylinders.

the service manager informed me that this WAS NOT an isolated incident of the same thing happening.

it seems that i had read on this forum and an other of the same thing happening.

if kia knows this proplem exsists, why not recall these vehicles for repair befor it happens at high speed in heavy traffic constituting a safty hazzard.

since the throdle body is an accessory not a basic engine part it would only be covered under the basic warrenty? not the 10 year 100,000 and since it caused majior engine damage, the engine would not be covered after the basic warrenty for this known bad part ?

i guess it is cheeper to replace an engine here and there than recal thousands of vehicles for throdle body repair or replacement. considering this type of failure would only be covered under the basic 5 year 60,000 ?

the service manager also stated he would spend time looking into why the battery went dead 3 times for no apparent reason and the horns cherping.

i spoke to a kia district rep last week, here is kia's policy as to customers problems that dealers can not duplacate

kia will not "throw parts at a problem even if it comes to applying the lemon law"

as i have found out if a dealer, lets say puts 3 hours into diagnosing a problem and does not find anything kia will not pay them anything. so they are not much interested in look at erratic problems

i went round and round with the kia district rep and got now where. i told him that they were going to put themselves in the same boat as GM, if they did not fix curtomers problems

so i told him that when i got the vehicle back if the horns were still cherping (i beleive it to be the conveience moduel, and i told him so, i think they know it also) i will start the lemon law process since i have all the required paper work needed. HE DID NOT CARE !
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