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Tow Hitch Harness Fuse - Location?

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Hi all ,

I have the official kia tow hitch & hitch harness installed (installed by dealer before taking delivery). I want to pull the relevant fuse to remove power whilst we wait for an official fix to the recall. The harness has power (tested with having lights on and using a multi-meter).

I've looked in the engine bay fuse box and the two fuses that are marked Trailer are missing from my box (in green below), anyone have any idea which fuse may control the harness?

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Hmmmm - no fuse protection? Perhaps the reason for the recall. 馃
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Perhaps it's incorporated into the light system control unit, hence no specific fuse. Just guessing here.
I took the car into the dealer for a service, and dicussed this with them, they told me that the fuse marked in blue in my image below with a 15amp fuse is for the tow hitch harness, it is unmarked in the fuse diagram (from my original post).

I was told that the 15 amp fuse is correct for the two hitch issues will provide protection until Kia release the updated harness; I've yet to pull the fuse to test this out.

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Thanks for the info. I have a 2017 Sorento SX w/ OEM trailer hitch. I just received my Kia Safety interim notice update letter saying to take it in to have fuse inspected. From the dealer telling you that the 15 amp fuse is the proper fuse, did you get the sense that some Sorento's had higher rated fuses installed by dealers at time of delivery? From the letter, I assumed that Kia's interim fix was simply to change that fuse from the amp rating that allowed the PC board to short w/o tripping the fuse, to a lower amp rated fuse that should blow if that short did occur on the trailer PC board. Did you ever pull that fuse or maybe even swap it out for say a 10 amp fuse?
I received the May 8, 2023 KIA interim fix letter (SC249A/B). Took my vehicle (2020 KIA Sportage SX) to the KIA dealer for the fuse replacement as specified in the interim fix. The dealer's service manager did not know anything about an "interim" fix.

Went back to the dealership with the May 8, 2023 letter. The service tech said that the trailer hitch fuse did not need to be replaced. ? I asked the service tech if the vehicle may now be safely parked in my garage. He said "yes" and that my recall notice would reflect the same.

Several days later I checked my VIN number at Recalls. The site shows no change in status; that my recall is not complete. There was no comment on the "interim" fix notice being addressed that relieved the need to park the vehicle in the "desert". I called the Kia Consumer Affairs at 1-800-333-4KIA (4542) and the auto answer told me I had about an hours wait to talk to an agent. What a mess.
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