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Kia Ceed 3 Crdi MY2010
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Hi guys can I ask a little advice please.

I have a 2010 Ceed 3 1.6 Diesel, I bought this Ceed new 1st registered 1st September 2010, Before delivery I had the main dealer fit a tow bar with dual electrics, all was ok at first but then I noticed an intermittent fault on the tow bar electrics.

The problem is everything works ok except the right hand indicator it flashes once then stops everything else works fine it’s just the right hand side indicator. I have tried several lighting boards and they are all the same.

I took it back to the dealer and they said it worked ok with their test lighting board and could find no fault they checked the wiring and said it was ok, so I took the car home and checked with my friends trailer and it worked ok.

At that time I did not have a trailer of my own so I did not check anymore, some months later I got a trailer of my own only to fine the right hand indicator did not work, so I took it back to the dealer another 2 times only to be told it works ok in the garage and it must be my trailer but I explained I had tried several trailers all with the same result.
By this time a year had passed the car had been back three times and still faulty so when the car went for its first service I asked again if they could fix the trailer electrics, they then told me the socket on the car was faulty and charged ne £90 to supply and fit a new socket and for a little while it worked but I have not used the tow bar for a few months and now I have the same fault.

When it went in the last time I told them I had found out if I had the headlights on or had my foot on the brake pedal then the right indicator works ok but even this is intermittent and will not work every time.

The last time I took the car to the main dealer they said it must have been working has I had had it for a year and only took it back three times for this problem that’s why they charged me £90, and then did not fix the problem. I live 45 Minutes from the garage and its flustrating to travel all that way only for it to work when I get there.

As I only use the trailer every couple of month it can be a while before I realise there is a problem.

So has anybody got any ideas on what might be the problem

PS i also noticed when the right hand side indicator works ok it stops the reversing sensor going of when the car is in revers (I had the reversing sensors fitted by the main dealer before delivery) but when the indicator refuses to work and the trailer is hooked up to the car and i try to reverse the bleeper goes off and I’m told when a trailer is connected the reversing bleeper should not work.
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