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Hi all.

I have had my 2008 second hand Picanto for over a year now and have been wondering how many miles/kilometers this vehicle would be able to clock without having major mechanical issues.On average I clock over 50 000km's/31 000 miles a year and worried that at some point this vehicle will start to act up.

The Picanto is an "entry" level vehicle, filled with cheapness and flimsy build quality in many areas. Although she may be a class leading vehicle compared to other vehicle makes, reality is that at some point, like many other vehicles, they will start "falling" apart.

Now I'm in debt to pay for this vehicle till 2016 and thinking at the current rate at witch I'm accumulating mileage that she wont be able to last until then, +- 400 000km or 248 000 miles clocked at that time. Obviously I look after my vehicle, change the cam-belt every 90 000km, oil and complete filter changes every 20 000. I don't drive like a lunatic either, keeping her below 3000 rpm as much as possible when driving.

Now is there specific components that I need to watch out for i.e. Valves, gearbox, clutch, running gear etc that may not last until 2016? Or would it be best to trade-in this vehicle at a certain mileage clocked, say 124 000 miles?

Basically I don't want to end up with a vehicle that won't be able to survive mechanically in 4 years time, nor do I want to spend cash on repairing the damn thing every few months.

Feedback from anybody that has had Picanto's for some time would be appreciated. Sorry for the long message!
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