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2013 Sorento V6 EX-Luxury 7 Seater
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We took delivery of the car from KIA dealership on Wednesday (Delivery @ Mileage of 90 Kms). We drove the car home and reached home @ the mileage of about 130 kms. I drove the car out of the dealership's body shop / Repair Center and guess I would have picked up the nail there (looks like it).

While it was parked, I noticed a nail in the front passenger side wheel. I tried taking the nail off and I could feel the tire losing air. So, I let it be and called roadside assistance. A guy from CAA came and took the Small and Thick nail out and put a patch like rubber thing on the tire to keep the air from coming out and told me to have patching from Canadian Tire the next day or later and could drive around without issues.

I took it to Canadian tire today and they said that the CAA guy should have heated the patch of rubber before inserting it in the tire and hasnt done that and hence has done a shoddy job and spoiled the tire and I will need to replace it and can not fix it. I tried at a couple of other places who said the same thing. They also said that the tires I have are expensive ones ($230 + Tax Kumon Tires) and they do not stock them and will need to order it if required.

I have called up Kia Road Side Assistance Again and complained on this sometime back to hear that I will need to call and speak with the supervisor.

I am hoping Kia will send me to the dealership and replace the tires for me tomorrow and I will need the car to drive around and cant hold this for long without driving it (which is not guaranteed by the Canadian Tire Tire experts.).

Any suggestions and inputs are welcome.

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