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Hello all.
Have had the van for a 90000 km maintenance today. :D It prooved to be an all day story. They had it booked for 5 hrs, but the guy ended up having to do overtime! No offense, but I guess being built as a normal swede didn´t make it easier. I guess a slim korean guy probably would have been more successful in keeping the 5 hr time slot. :blink:
There was simply not enough room to shift the timing belt! Engine mounts had to come off and the engine lifted slightly on its left side to make more room. Even then a lot of dismantling had to take place...The job would have been a breeze if there only had been 50 more millimeters of room to the left.
It is done now! I can happily drive for another 90000 kms!

First impressions after 10 days with the van: Kids love the spacious interiour. :57: Mom loves to drive it. Myself is actually very pleased with bouth looks and handling. One littne thing on the downside: The heating system is very slow in providing heat for the cabin even though it is equipped with a Webasto heater. We have winter in Sweden now, and it gets cold.

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