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Timing belt/ starter

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New here, I have a 2009 Kia Rio , and the timing belt let go, didn’t realize that these were interference engins , sucks. Was at idle so I changed belt , hoping to get lucky, but ,when all was assembled went to turn over to check compression, the starter wouldn’t engage. Pulled starter off to see if it spins and pushes out for engagement. Seems to operate properly. With small ratchet on crack pully the motor turns over easily, so it don’t seem stuck. Just here the sound of the starter clicking away like it’s not lining up with the teeth of flywheel. Any ideas ????? Also, with bent valves can a machine shop easily ( not to much money) fix this ? Or is a used motor a better motor.?
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Hard to tell why the starter isn't working now, but could be attempts to start while the engine was locked up has damaged it and/or the ring-gear.

Only after disassembly and inspection will you know if the engine is viable to rebuild.

Most often a used engine from a wreckers yard is the best option.
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