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This is information for owners of 2004.5~2009 Spectras.
I just replaced the timing belt on my wife's 2007 Spec with 59k miles on it.
The belt was a "Bando" brand and I replaced it with a "Gates" (from
The replacement wasn't a "hard job...just a little time consuming.
Water pump, pulleys, and tensioner were just fine at 60k and even the belt showed no heavy signs of wear...
When I re-assembled everything I got a P0016 cam crank correlation error..
The engine had a slight stumble at startup... As it turns out the timing belt needed to be moved back (counterclockwise) one tooth on the cam pulley.
There was slack on the right side of the timing belt.
This can be done with out totally tearing everything... The top TB cover needs to come off and the belt and pulley needs to be marked with paint on one tooth. This keeps you from gettin lost where the belt "was". You can loosen the tensioner and remove it also... I was able to remove the belt keeping tension on the lower portion (crank pulley) and move it back one tooth. I then reinstalled the tensioner and tensioned it with a 6mm hex wrench and tightened the (I believe) 10mm bolt. I cleared the the P0016 error and started the car ...No more error!...Well at least the P0016 was gone. I then got a P0302 misfire error on Cylinder 2 and very intemittent misfiring on this cylinder... It turns out that the plug on #2 Cylinder (a Champion brand) had a broken center insulator and it was falling down on the center electrode. It would slide back and forth... I replaced all 4 plugs with NGKs and the car runs very smooth now...
This post was written so it could be found with P0016 or timing belt for people brave enough to tackle their Spec's timing belt..:D
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