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2006 Kia Rio 1.4 Hi-Spec (G4EE)
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Hi all,

So I got hold of a 06 model Rio hatch to be used as a daily driver. Have her for little over a week now. G4EE engine.

I started with a decent service. Plugs, oil filter, oil, air filter etc.

Now the vehicle was on 98000km, so I decided to do a cambelt and waterpump change as well for preventative maintenance.

I also got a new cam chain as the one in was a little noisy and today upon removing the valve cover it confirmed it had slack.

Now I downloaded the engine workshop manual, followed it with my procedure today.

My question comes in as follow,

1. I torques the cam bearing caps to 12.6NM, manual states 11.8~13.7NM. At 13NM the cams were fairly tight, so I slacked off and re-torqued to 12.6NM. Is this acceptable? Dont want the cams to come loose...These bolts are not 1 time use only or are they?
2. How do I determine the correct cambelt tension? I do not have one of those sonic testers as the manual calls for. The old belt was fairly tight. Is there a different rule of thumb to work off? I installed the tensioner and idler roller using threadlocker (removeable) to the torque in the manual.
3. I used a new GMB waterpump it came with a fiber gasket and their instructions state to use sealing compound, I have never in my life while working on cars used sealant on fiber gaskets, I used a little grease and tightened the pump down.

My biggest concerns are the timing and belt tension, do not want the car to grenade itself. Apologies if these are noob questions but I am still learning the Kia way.

I found it rather confusing that the manuals will give a torque value as x~y. So I basically added the 2 values together and divided by 2. Hope this is correct.

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1. Your spot on using the mean value with cam cap torque. Don't forget the valve springs are driving the cams away from the head (upward) and residual oil may have been squeezed out. Once you fire her up you should be OK.
2. Can you beg, borrow, or rent the tool mentioned in the manual? Using it will provide you better confidence that your belt tension is correct. If not, its a crap shoot.
3. Why in the world would you go against printed instructions provided with the water pump to use sealant?
Do you think the people supplying the gasket(s) don't know what or how to install them.
My guess is you will be OK with some grease on the fiber gasket. In the past I've used a thin coat of Vaseline, such as you have done, with success..we will see.

Good Luck! We are rooting for you and a successful completion of your project!!
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