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I've recently bought a 2009 Ceed SW with what i understand is a factory-fitted towbar.

I want to use the tow bar to mount a bike rack on. I want a ride-on rack where the bike is supported from the base rather than the crossbar, so have been looking at the Thule Ride-on: Wiggle | Thule RideOn 2-Bike Towball Carrier Car Racks

I've read reviews on the web that suggest that though the rack has a tilt mechanism to alow you to move it out of the way with bikes loaded when you want to open the boot, this doesn't work with some models. Given the Ceed SW's innovative opening, i wondered if anyone had tried this bike rack, and whether it had worked. As i'll mostly be using this to take bikes on holidays with kids, i need to be able to open the boot en-route

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