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2004 Kia Picanto
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Congrats ViCan2 :clap:

My local dealer was cold as ice as he had no problems in selling Picas when I ordered mine (summer 2004) so I didn't get anything for free, not even the adaptor cable for my CD/mp3 player!

I was stunned as I'm dealing with sales and marketing myself, so I don't consider my abilities in getting freebies as being bad... :haha:

However, this is my 4th new car and my own experience is that floor matts, trunk matt etc. are small things they will give you for free. My parents just ordered a Fabia and they (without any discussion nor even asking) got floor matts, fog lights and some small stuff for free - value appr. 400 EUR.

@AaC - good luck on bargaining :)

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