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2005 Kia Picanto
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Originally posted by AaC@Jul 24 2005, 12:47 PM
Hi all,

I am currently interested in getting a Picanto. However, do any of you know what are the freebies that I can squeeze the salesman out of?

I know that a reverse sensor and a central locking can be thrown in. But in addition to that, do you thing the salesman wld also throw in things like sunscreen and leather seats? Or am I asking too much?

cheers =)
In Europe (Denmark) the central lockin is standard.
But I was able to get this out of him :)
Spare tyre.
Set of floor carpet.
And my new tyres with some great lookin alloys mountet for free.
Prize = about 300 Euro.
Not much, but better than nothing.

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